Lone Working: Safe Work Systems

Lone Working can present vulnerabilities for employees and employers alike.

In many roles elements of Lone Working is required and therefore the risks should be carefully considered by companies so that adequate measures may be in place to protect and safeguard employees.

There are a number of innovative systems, products and services available to support companies in doing this. We recently met up with Jacki Steer from Secure Force UK who outlined some of the ways they support companies to protect and monitor employee and worker safety and we have shared this below:

Welfare check call system

We can provide a welfare check call system for companies. The employee calls in at set times, if a call is not received or if one is received using a pre-agreed distress codeword, our safety escalation procedure will commence.

Lone-Working devices

There are a range of work-alone devices available. These devices bring peace of mind and confidence for a worker as Secure Force UK  monitoring team manages a live emergency response to get assistance from our security officers as soon as possible should the safety devices be triggered.

CCTV surveillance

Secure Force UK can offer surveillance at work using CCTV systems. Modern CCTV systems are very different from those of even the relatively recent past. The quality of cameras and therefore the images produced are far better and are now even more likely to be used as admissible evidence. Trawling backwards and forwards through hours of video tape is also no longer necessary. Modern digital hard drive storage combined with infinitely programmable functions on cameras mean an event can be selected and played back instantly.  Recording that event onto a CD or memory stick now takes seconds. One of the biggest differences is that this can also be done remotely over an internet connection.

This can allow Business Owners to keep an eye on premises whilst off site using an app on their smart phone.

If you would like to look into improving your lone working support pleas take a look at the Secure Force UK Website for further details.

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