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Flexible, tailored, local, HR advice for solutions which work in 2017!

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"A new HR system from start to finish"

- MD Engineering Firm (35 employees) - 5th March 2017

You Do What You Are Outstanding At

We provide you with the HR back-up quickly, efficiently and personably.

Employment law complexity and managing varied individuals can become a real challenge.

Having a dedicated HR Manager and HR Team working for you can be invaluable in:

Putting in place;

  • Employment Contracts
  • Employee Handbooks

Working out how to resolve;

  • An employee who can’t do the job
  • An employee who behaves poorly
  • An employee who doesn’t get your culture
  • Complaints, grievances, disputes
  • Personality Clashes

Making changes to;

  • Shift patterns
  • Working hours
  • Relocating your factory or offices
  • The size of your workforce (redundancy)
  • Acquiring of selling a business (TUPE)


  • Absence
  • Turnover

We Will Excel For You By…

Being Clear

Empower people with options

So that knowing your business better than anyone you can make informed decisions

Map the journey before embarking

So that we get from A to B quickly and efficiently

Focus on clear outcomes

Making sure that our actions lead to a commercially good result

Being Energetic

Be positive energy givers

Always having a ‘batteries included’ approach

Easy to contact and speak to

Getting what is on your mind off your ‘to do list’ and you on to the next opportunity

Speed, speed, speed

Professionalism and speed go together not apart!

Being Insightful

Anticipate next steps before others need to

Keeping our clients mental energy free for their best opportunities

Elegant solutions that work

Through genuinely listening to what our clients really need and understanding root causes

Most impact, least time, shared knowledge

Working for the largest impact, as quickly as possible and passing on knowledge and skills

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